RSD帕帕创始人俱乐部【社交 商务】


1欢迎_01. Welcome.mp4
1自律_01. Disciplining Yourself.mp4
2如何不受金钱的影响_02. How Not to be Affected by Money.mp4
3数百万年轻人的心态_03. Mindset of a Young Multi-Millionarie.mp4
4动机_04. Motivation.mp4
5我的人生哲学_05. My Life Philosophies.mp4
6激情_06. Passion.mp4
7个人发展意见_07. Personal Development Opinions.mp4
8采取大规模行动_08. Taking Massive Action.mp4
9意志力_09. Will-Power.mp4
10.将资金用于特殊活动的独家访问_10. Using Money for Exclusive Access to-Special Events.mp4
11.除了金钱,还有什么可以提供给导师_11. What to Offer Mentors Other Than-Money.mp4
12.在哪里会见导师_12. Where to Meet Mentors.mp4
1构建高端专业网络_01. Building a High End Professional-Network.mp4
2与许多女孩和男孩建立友谊_02. Building Friendships with Lots of Girls-and Guys.mp4
3与高端人士(CEO、女孩)共同打造派对和活动_03. Crafting Parties and Events with High-End People (CEOs, Girls).mp4
4创建社交圈和党的文化_04. Creating a Social Circle and Party-Culture.mp4
5通过真正的联系获得成功而不受影响_05. Getting Success Without Influence via- Genuine Connection.mp4
6无论你的个性如何,如何在生活中占有一席之地_06. How to Get Places in Life Regardless of-Your Personality-Style.mp4
7本地名人_07. Local Celebs.mp4
8与更成功的_08. Networking with the More Successful.mp4
9社交网络技能_09. Social Network Skills.mp4
01.业务启动阶段_01. Business Start Up Phases.mp4
02.企业物流_02. Corporate Logistics.mp4
03.打造品牌和金融自由_03. Creating a Brand and Financial Freedom.mp4
04.创业精神_04. Entrepreneurship.mp4
05.如何致富_05. How to Get Rich.mp4
06.如何开始创业_06. How to Get Started in Business.mp4
07.内部游戏PUA获得业务_07. Inner Game PUA To Get Business.mp4
08.投资者关系洞察_08. Insight on Investor Relations.mp4
09.领导力_09. Leadership.mp4
10.我的工作与生活平衡时间表_10. My Schedule for Work-Life Balance.mp4
11.公开演讲的外部游戏_11. Outer Game of Public Speaking.mp4
12.外部游戏PUA获得业务_12. Outer Game PUA To Get Business.mp4
13.与企业的关系_13. Pickup Mindset to Business.mp4
14.同步作业管理_14. Simultaneous Job Management.mp4
01.与妻子建立亲密关系_01. Creating Hot Relationship With Wife.mp4
02.金钱如何影响人际关系_02. How Money Affects Relationships.mp4
03.如何在人际关系中成为动力_03. How to be a Powerhouse in a Relationship.mp4
04.如何选择你应该娶的人_04. How to Game the One Your Should Marry.mp4
05.如何与很多女孩发生性关系_05. How to Have Sex with Lots of Girls.mp4
06.如何与女孩正确使用金钱_06. How to Properly Use Money with Girls.mp4
07.关系管理_07. Relationship Management.mp4
08.我的把妹经历(客户和我自己)_08. Stories From My Pickup Days (Clients and Myself).mp4
01.创造全球社会资本_01. Creating Worldwide Social Capital.mp4
02.社交技能_02. Socializing Skills.mp4
03.没话可说时该怎么办_03. What to Do When You Run Out of Things to Say.mp4
01.建立全球业务的幕后_01. Behind the Scenes of Building a Global Business.mp4
02.创造成功之路_02. Creating a Success Path.mp4
03.处理公关和广告批评_03. Handling PR & Advertising Criticism.mp4
04.讲师如何领导他们的产品和计划_04. How Instructors Lead Their Products and Programs.mp4
05.RSD的影响如何影响正规教育_05. How RSD Influence Can Affect Formal Education.mp4
06.如何从提供这么多价值中获得狂热的粉丝_06. How to Get Raving Fans from Offering So Much Value.mp4
07.如何过一种无家可归的成功生活_07. How to Live a Homeless Hardcore Life of Success.mp4
08.我们如何在全球范围内建立教练、场馆和客户网络_08. How we Create Network of Coaches, Venues, and Clients Worldwide.mp4
09.RSD的职位_09. Jobs Within RSD.mp4
10.主要行业问题与RSD的成功_10. Major Industry Issues Vs RSD Success.mp4
11.网上商业营销_11. Online Business Marketing.mp4
12.团队建设_12. Team Building.mp4
13.口碑和游击队营销_13. Word of Mouth & Guerilla Marketing.mp4
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稳态守恒定律与多巴胺神经元激活之间的相关性——Stephen Lowell-Takowsky_Correlations-among-Conservation-Laws-Homeostasis-and-the-Activation-of-Dopamine-Neurons-by.-Stephen-Lowell-Takowsky.pdf
第10周-RSD Ozzie(恐惧科技)_Week 10 - RSD Ozzie (Fear Technology).mp4
第11周-RSD Derek(开放式关系管理)_Week 11 - RSD Derek (Open Relationship Management).mp4
第12周-拉里·贝内特(RSD联合创始人)_Week 12 - Larry Benet (RSD Co-Founder).mp4
第1周-游戏理论(帕帕的策略导师)_Week 1 - MrGameTheory (Papa’s Strategy Mentor).mp4
第2周-RSD Mikhail(RSD 首席营销官)_Week 2 - RSD Mikhail (RSD Chief Marketing Officer).mp4
第3周-RSD Mario(RSD社交媒体经理)_Week 3 - RSD Mario (RSD Social Media Manager).mp4
第4周-RSD Luke(社交圈游戏)_Week 4 - RSD Luke (Social Circle Game).mp4
第5周-RSD Julien(心态成功)_Week 5 - RSD Julien (Mindset Success).mp4
第6周-RSD麦克斯(自然游戏)_Week 6 - RSD Max (Natural Game).mp4
第7周-麦迪逊区(约会心态)_Week 7 - RSD Madison (Dating Mindsets).mp4
第8周-RSD斯图尔特(RSD首席运营官)_Week 8 - RSD Stuart (RSD Chief Operations Officer).mp4
第9周-RSD Jeffy(同时约会管理)_Week 9 - RSD Jeffy (Simultaneous Dating Management).mp4
1游戏理论书_01. MrGameTheoryBook.pdf
2帕帕策划会议现场直播_02. Papa Mastermind Session Live.mp4



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